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[14 Jan 2007|09:03pm]
leaving as nick.
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[24 Nov 2006|08:54am]
A friend of a friend of a friend of this guy I met once said, "Keyboards make bands gay."

And to that, I say, no, sir, keyboard do not make bands gay. Rainbows and glitter and tap dancing make bands gay. We just happen to have a keyboard, too."

I speak, of course, of my band Tilly and the Wall, that you've probably only heard of if you're into that kind of thing. You've probably heard of Bright Eyes, though, because Conor's getting to be a fucking idol whether he likes it or not. Anyway, my point is, I play keyboards for him sometimes, too, when the labels are trying to cut back on the expenses.

So basically, my name is Nick, and I'm actually super shy in person so I'm sorry ahead of time for this misleading intro. The internet sort of freaks me out, and I get really anxious whenever I sign in, but people keep telling me it'll be good for me. This is also starting to feel somewhat like a personals add. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that yet, but I think I'm at the very least feeling it, so let's roll with it.

S/W/M seeks TIM KASHER for constant companionship, long walks through parks, sonnet-reading by the fireplace, and sharing one straw in cans of Pabst. (Rolling Rock a potential substitute for Pabst- negotiable. Mike Mogis also potential substitute for TIM KASHER- negotiable).

...I'm not really giving you guys much here, am I? Okay, okay. Uh. I was born and raised in Dunwoody, Georgia, with my guitarist Derek. That's a boring place if there ever was one, but I hold an affinity for grits and biscuits like nothing else. Right now, though, I live in Omaha, because that's where our label Team Love is based, and I'm pretty much everyone on Saddle Creek's bitch.

I just turned 25, too, which doesn't make me feel old as much as it makes everyone else I hang out with feel ancient. Despite that, I guess I still believe in love and beauty and beer and all those silly high school things that make life worth living. I don't eat meat, because eating your cow is pretty much exactly the same as eating my dog (or dogs, depending on how hungry I'd be), and that makes me a lot a bit nauseous. So is writing this, actually, because it just hit me, what I'm doing, and it's 4 a.m. and I need to stop before I think about the internet some more and have an asthma attack or something.

... I don't have asthma, it's a metaphor.

Anyway, find me whenever at find white noise, and until then, peace & love & good bad beer.
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